Pastoral Search

Dear Applicant,

First Baptist Church of Pacific Grove has begun the process of seeking with great expectation the appointment of Pastor that God has prepared and is preparing to be our next spiritual leader. Understanding the gravity of this duty, we have committed ourselves to prayer that we may obtain wisdom and patience throughout the process. We believe that God is preparing us as well as our new pastor for the work He has ordained for us to do.

We are a well-established church and accustomed to bible based leadership. Therefore, we are convinced that our next pastor should mirror the characteristics of a biblical overseer as outlined in 1 Timothy 3: 1-7. We are persuaded that the requirements articulated by Paul to Timothy and Titus (Titus 1: 6-9) are the foundational characteristics of a God appointed pastor. Although; other gifts, talents, and traits will be considered; those outlined in scripture will be held in the highest regard.

We are receiving applications for the Pastoral position at First Baptist Church of Pacific Grove CA. Please complete the application in full and include the name and contact information of your current employer.  This is a part-time position and the salary will be negotiated. All applications are to include a copy of your ordination documents.

Prospective candidates should send a copy of your resumes to Robert Taylor, Chairman of Pastoral Search Committee, by March 31, 2017. If an extension is required, a request must be made in writing to the Pastoral Search Committee. Resumes may also be sent electronically via fax or email. Please include in the subject line “Pastor Resume”. The Committee invites you to visit our website and/or contact Robert Taylor for more information.

An application, Church Profile, and position description are available for your convenience. Thank you for your careful consideration and pray that God receives the glory in all that we do.

In love and faith,
Deacon Elwood Williams, Moderator